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Budget Friendly Crafts For Kids

Crafts for children are a fun way to learn new ideas and how design works. Children can be very surprising in the way the display a talent with very little in the way of material. If you are looking for a budget friendly way to involve your child in a craft project or art work that will last a long time, just look to nature with only a little extra added.

Begin with a simple box. It can be a plain cardboard box with a lid from a craft shop or even a shoe box. In fact a shoe box is the standard beginning craft idea of the past and it is still a wonderful way to create your own fun. Line the box with felt, other types of cloth or even newsprint. This gives it a colorful design on the inside and now it is time to begin on the outside of your box.

There are so many choices in nature we over look everyday. Summer is a great time to begin a collection of design items for the outside of the box. As you find a few pieces, glue it to the outside of the box. You glue it in any design you like or no design at all. Just let your child glue the items anywhere on the box. Choose items like tiny pinecones, dry leaves, twigs, bottle caps, pieces of string, dry flowers or plant part, small rocks and pebbles, stems from small plants, snail shells – empty ones – and other finds as they come across them. This can take time to do, but it is a great project.

Once the box is covered on the outside, choose a spray paint that is eco friendly in a small can. Spray the outside of your art collection for one color uniformity or use a couple of colors to mix in a rainbow effect. You can even add a bit of glitter to your box for years of memories. It if fun to pick a theme, too. Collect small items during a vacation like post cards, free business cards or advertising, bits of nature from your trip, pieces of glass or shells from the beach. You can even create a great gift by using family pictures to add to your nature box art piece.

These boxes are great for past memories from childhood or for friends and families. Grandparents would love a gift like this with family pictures and pieces of nature from your own home. The boxes can be covered with just about anything you have. Even pieces of cloth left over from sewing and button would be a fun way to display the box full of treasures.


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