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Simple Kids Crafts – Wood Projects

Making small simple objects out of wood is an excellent way for kids to stay busy and make something of their own. Not only is it good for their concentration, it will also help them develop their small motor skills. Most children are always looking for something to do. Therefore getting them involved in wood crafts is an excellent hobby. Children also tend to be very happy when they accomplish something on their own and show it to their parents, especially if they made something useful. The first thing that will be needed for wood craft projects for kids will be some basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and glue.

Children, who have not done wood craft projects before, should be given very simple projects to do. One way to accomplish this is by giving them projects below their age level. In other words, if it is a 7 year old, then showing it basic simple tasks that a 5 year old could do is a good idea. This will help a lot in confidence building. An excellent way to start is to ask them to glue pieces of wood together. There are a lot of objects that can be made by gluing pieces of wood together, such as simple cars, planes, napkin holder, pen and pencil holder etc. The trick is to do projects which are not too difficult and time consuming. Otherwise there is always the risk of them losing interest. Holidays such as Halloween and Christmas are an excellent time for wood projects. Halloween lawn figures are an excellent example of simple wood craft projects.

As children grow older their skill level will be also expand. They will be more comfortable working with more advanced tools such as drilling machines and saws. However, the end products which are made are not much different from younger kids. They can still be taught to make, toys and useful objects like towel holders as mentioned before, but the difference is that they will be more involved in the actual manufacturing process. This means instead of just gluing finished wood pieces together, they can be shown how the pieces are made.

Another thing that needs consideration is work space. This may seem obvious at first, but giving kids their own space to create is not only a good idea, it helps with keeping things more organized and clean. For small children who are just beginning with this hobby, the living room or kitchen counter may be enough. As they get older and more skilled, more space will be needed. If possible it can be done in a separate room such as a garage.


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